Hi, I’m Rebekah Gregory and welcome to Pain to Purpose. I am honored to be your host, and I want to know what you’re struggling with right now. What do you feel like is holding you back from achieving everything you want? Is it a toxic relationship? The loss of a job or business? Loss of a loved one? Or perhaps your own personal fear of failure? If you answered yes to any of those, then this podcast is for you.

Why? Because I know what that’s like.

At the Boston bombing, when I nearly lost my life and did lose my leg… I had to wrestle with those same feelings and emotions – feelings of fear, pain, disappointment, loss of hope, and worry for what the future was going to look like. But what if I told you that the pain you are suffering through right now could ultimately be the key to your biggest purpose of all? But in order to get there, we have to become the victors of our lives instead of the victims of our circumstances. It would be a lot easier to be a victim and look back at everything we’ve been through and feel sorry for ourselves, but doing that only deprives us of the joy of living in the first place. I think back to Boston and certainly see the horror of that day… the lives we lost, laying in a pool of my own blood with my limbs barely attached to my body and other people’s body parts scattered on the ground all around us. I remember the piercing pain of the thousands of pieces of shards of metal and nails and ball bearings and BBs and everything else these brothers packed into these pressure-cooker bombs. It was the worst thing.

But I also see the beauty in that day. The fact that my five-year-old son was three feet from that bomb just like I was, and now we’re getting ready to celebrate his 13th birthday. We were merely spectators, and he had gotten bored watching the runner’s pass moments before, and I had placed him on my feet with his back against my shins, unaware that my body would be the human shield that was needed to save his life.

After that, it became quite clear that I had taken every moment prior for granted.

No matter how unrecognizable everything felt, I was going to fight harder than I had ever fought before. And guess what? I have been fighting every single day since. But isn’t that what we’re all doing? Because while the majority of us will never get blown up by a bomb at a marathon, everyone has life blow up in their face. I’m here to remind you, through this podcast, that no matter what you’re fighting through, you have a purpose – and that there’s always beauty in the midst of the heartache. And even though this journey has been so difficult and painful at times, every part of it has been worth it to get me to the place I’m at right now. I want that same feeling for you. A place of peace, not only in where you’ve been, but who you are, and most importantly, where you’re going. The peace that can only be found when you are truly doing what sets your soul on fire. Now, this type of peace doesn’t negate pain and suffering, but it is a reminder that through the hardships, our purpose is so much bigger than all of it.

That is why I started this podcast: to provide a place for real stories and real conversation, not the filtered version you see on social media. And you’re not only going to hear from me but so many inspiring individuals that have made incredible comebacks in all different areas of life. In these conversations with celebrities and the everyday heroes that walk among us, you will find the seeds that will bridge the gap between where you are now to actually going into the pain to discover your true purpose in life.

 I know it, because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped other people do the same.

 That’s why I want you to join me every single week. Whether you’re putting back together the pieces of your life after a divorce, or having lost a job or a business or even someone you love… every single week, I’m going to give you practical, tactical advice, direction, and opportunities to continue to take steps towards finding your true purpose and living fully into your life and your destiny. That’s why you have to subscribe right now. Because while I don’t have all the answers, and will never claim that I do, my promise is that I will BRING IT – and I will put every ounce of heart and soul into this podcast because that is how much I believe in it.

So hit subscribe, and I look forward to joining you on the next episode.

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